Thursday, June 17, 2010

prayer request

A prayer request to pass on - if you can, please keep this young man in prayer...

Our dear friends Lil and Steward's daughter Laurie is in a fight for her life. We claim healing for her body; we ask God to give her doctors wisdom and strength for her family.
One of the high school students who visited our youth activities occasionally, was to graduate this week. He had made some positive changes in his young life and was looking forward to the future. Last weekend he stopped to talk to a friend and was confronted by some gang members. While James ran from the gang members he was struck by a car and is in critical condition, with the possibility of losing one of his eyes.
Reports like James, makes us want to do so much more for all of our youth. We must be even more intentional in seeking ways to bring the love of Christ to every one. We must do all we can to rebuild our families. Each of us must commit ourselves, daily, to be a healing agent, a reflection of light in a dark world.
Please, keep praying until something happens!

We Humbly Request,
Pastor Joe and Gwynn Browne
Faith in Christ Ministries 323-291-9636

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Why you should eat breakfast before church

"Honey, Honey! I think I'm having another hallucination! This time its Moses. or maybe Elijah. No, its Moses! He's taunting me with a piece of manna! Moses is taunting me with a piece of manna, honey! Wait, lemme make sure its not real. Moses! Moses, if you real, give me some of the manna! Moses, give me a piece of the manna. please.