Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How Chris Richards met God

My pastor Johnny always says something along the lines of, "youre not saved if you don't have a testimony."

At one point in my life I didn't know God and was going to hell. Then there came a point where I met Him, I knew Him and I recieved the forgiveness that He promises. That is what a testimony is: a story about the day you met the Lord and how he changed you. If you dont have a story like that, are you born again?

Ive been working on this for a long time and finally had the chance to finish and post it (by the Grace of God).

This is NOT my testimony - Chris Richards is part truth/part fiction but there are many bits of my life that inspire him, more on that later. I hope to make more stories about these characters.

I hope this edifies you if you know God and witnesses to you if you dont. God is the one who supplied the talent and the resources and if it wasnt for Him, I wouldn't draw comics about God because I wouldn't know Him or love Him.

I'm curious what people think. and ALSO - if you leave a comment - it would be cool to hear you guys comment about your testimonies. when did you meet God? lemme know.(p.s. sorry its so big)

Jesus answered and said to him, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:3

How Chris Richards met God


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Anonymous said...

My parents divorced when I was 5 years old. My Brothers and Sisters were much older. I was kinda own my own. I used to watch my Mom stand out by the road waiting for a ride to work. It hurt to see her do this for years. We had no car. I got in a lot of trouble in school. I was just down right mean. My Dad went on to become an Evangelist. As I got a little older I began to spend time with him. He exposed me to Christ and the scriptures. I thank him for it now. At age 12 I went to visit my Sister one summer. I went to church with her a lot. For several days it seemed as if some thing was trying to pull me to the altar. I could not let go of the pew in front of me. But on a certain night I let go and it seemed as if I was walking in peanut butter. I got to the altar and knelled down. After closing my eyes I could hear a lot of voices saying good things and they seemed very happy. Someone ask me if I wanted to know Jesus and to be forgiven of my sins. I said yes I did. I did not want to go to Hell. My Dad had shown me in the scriptures that Hell was real. Time seemed to slow down then. Eventually I stood and opened my eyes and the lights in the church seemed like those at a ball game or something. I know my eyes had been shut for a while but this was different. I got Baptized a few days later in the creek by that church. I don't remember feeling much but wet that day. Things were fine for a few days. Then it happened as I was told it would. Some friends I had made came and said go with us and have some fun. One of them was older and had a car. I felt some thing inside of me that had not been there before kinda drawing me up inside and telling me no. I had a quite kind of fear. I know now that it was the Holy Spirit. Well, I listened that time. But it continued and eventually I gave in. I felt sick to my stomach though. We drank beer and smoked cigarettes and other stuff. I really got sick then. As time went on though, I got less sick with each time. I was falling form Grace, that's what I believe. But the Holy Spirit never left me. He would make His presence known daily with a small nudge of sorts. Well I drug Him with me for many years through some rough and foul places and times. I soon found out about war and what it can do to a child. The military is no place for a child. It just about sent me over the edge. I came home and stayed in my room for a couple of years. My Mom finally came to me and said son you need to find work. You need to be productive. You will feel better about your self. I didn't want to be around any one though. I found a job at a meat packing plant where my cousin and some friends worked. At first I would just go there work and go home. But then it happened. Evil started to prod at me to go with the others after work. Just go, have some fun. Relax. Get high, you owe it to your self. So I did. And yes, He was still there, with that small nudge again. But I went on. Then it got bad. We began to steal meat from work and sell it to a motorcycle club nearby. I began to associate with them a lot. You know where that led. I got a Harley Davidson and moved to Fla. I worked at Boot Hill Saloon, a biker bar at Daytona Beach. Not for long though. This was the beginning of my run from what was inside me. That run lasted over 20 years, over 88 jobs, many stays at the VA psych ward. Oh, I had a couple of brief stops at a church here and there, with no sincerity. Prison, jail and friends deaths were the cause of those. I held a few of my friends in my arms as they died. I saw them take their last breath. It's a real helpless feeling. We always run to Jesus in these times. I like it better now because I don't have to run to Him, He is right beside me. He has been there since I got saved. He never left. I was kept here and allowed to see and do the things I did for His Glory and to help others. I have seen and done it all. If you can think it I have done it. Well, through it all I have been married four times. Two of my wives are gone. One died from drug abuse. The other suicide. I have five children, three grandsons. My present wife is real good to me and for me. She has been down the road also. We met on that road. She had been saved at an early age also. We came off that road together. I truly Love Her. I presently have some cancer cells in my throat and my liver is trying to fail. I have had so many broken bones and surgeries and arthritis is really working on my bones and joints. We reap what we sow in this life. I did it, not God. Just because I am now walking with Christ does not take away what I have sown in the flesh. I will live with it till I die. But I will live. I love Jesus. He has done all for me. Some people say that I am still mean and that I am too harsh with my words about sin and hell. I have news for people. Jesus was no wimp. He is God. Eternity is serious. Hell is real and death comes out of no where when it strikes. You must be ready. Some will not get the chances I got. I did not know I was getting them at the time. I do now. Have you ever injured your self, like cut your self or stepped on a nail. Remember how it seemed to happen in a flash. One second your OK and the next it's over and you are hurt. That's how death will come and that's also how Jesus will come. Some times we go to sleep and don't dream and are not bothered through the night. We sleep without being disturbed. When we wake up it can seem like we were only asleep for a minute or so. Some times for me it's like I have been asleep for a second. That's how it will be to die and wake up in Heaven or hell. So, that's a short form of it all. I can't write a book here. If I did write a book I would give it away. note: I know many people that say they did not really feel any thing much when they got saved. Those include Greg Laurie, my Brother, some of my close friends also. We all have different feelings when this takes place. We can't go on feelings. We must walk on faith. Feelings change from day to day. I have days when I don't even feel saved and say God should send me to hell. Trust Christ, He never changes. Feelings do.

In Christ,

Catherine J. Cruz said...

i love your testimony...it just takes that one time!

yup, ritchie kong, great artist as well. :)thanks for the comments & encouragements. i appreciate it mucho! i'm lookn' forward to seeing more of your work here. :D

i added the playlist by adding the "html code" gadget on the side. if you have the playlist account, just copy and paste in in that space. :D

bless God,