Friday, April 09, 2010

You are nothing.

Cj and Dandruff.

One of the most freeing realities that i have come to grasp and try to hold on to is the fact that I am nothing and neither are you.

Dont run away yet. You are worth something to the Almighty God. Your soul is worth something to Him but the only reason it is worth someting is because, the Almighty has died for your soul.

There has only been one Man who was pleasing to God, and that Man was God. Because He died as a substitute for all men, the only human sacrifice that matters is His, and everyone that associates with Him.

It frees you from having to 'be something', as in trying to be pleasing to God by yourself.

It frees you from feeling like you have to judge other people, because you are both equally nothing. Both of you are beggars, both have earned last place.

It frees you from feeling like you have failed God. Duh. We have all failed Him. But One, namely, Christ Jesus, has suceeded.

And thats why these 4th graders proudly and happily call each other 'Nothing'

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