Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One more thing....

Jesus Christ loves you and He came so that you could be saved from sin, made whole and reconciled to God.

Search the scriptures for yourself and see...

His words, not mine.


AMSmith said...


This is AMSmith from the blog Prove it. Thank you for leaving a comment on one of my posts a few weeks back. I thought that I'd return the favor and check out your blog.

This blog is very interesting Powell-you're very artistic. Do you draw the pictures and then scan them into your computer or do you have some sort of software that you use?

Thanks for the encouraging blog and I hope to talk with you again sometime soon. God bless!

ArtistXero said...

Hey Powell, thanks for stopping by.
You should check out http://www.christiancomics.net if you're looking for other christian comic artists. As for what I do. I draw my comics on paper then scan them in and "ink" them in Photoshop then do text in Illustrator. Works for me.

Anonymous said...

Where have you been brother? Can I help you with any thing?

In Christ,
Thomas Brown