Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God wants a heart

God wants a heart. Just a heart that knows it is loved because of Him. A heart that has not "left its first love" Rev 2:4. The first love is always Christ Jesus. He saved us. He stood in my place and stands in my place and IS Love. The first fruits of realizing Him are always a one of a kind thankfulness, joy and peace. These things cant be described, only experienced. Well, maybe it is like whe you first have a crush who has mutual feelings. Your thoughts are always on that one. You are raptured at the sound of their voice and their face.

This is being born again. This is relationship.

You + Jesus. This is what God wants. Everything else is a response ot this. Im thinking, Just drink it in.

God help us and thank Him for the oppurtunity.

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